Bariatric Surgery Financing

We provide bariatric surgery financing to help you gain control of your weight and start living a healthier life. Our team will work directly with your doctor so that you can focus on your treatment rather than the financing process. Our loan approval process is quick and easy. Typically, it takes less than an hour. If needed, we can also help you with medical tourism, assisting you with the cost of airfare and travel expenses for overseas treatment. With our low-interest loans, you can afford outstanding care that will enhance your quality of life and long-term health. In fact, in some cases, bariatric surgery can save your life.

Bariatric Surgery and Its Benefits

“Because of the far-reaching benefits of bariatric surgery, we want to make it affordable to undergo this treatment.”

There are many types of bariatric surgery. Procedures include LAP-BAND®, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass. Each of these treatments will reduce the size of your stomach so that you feel satisfied sooner during meals. Additionally, the smaller size of your stomach will induce hormonal changes that will act as an appetite suppressant. Following bariatric surgery, you can lose a massive amount of weight in a safe, steady fashion. In addition to improved health, you can typically enjoy a much greater sense of self-confidence. You may find that you are more physically active, which will further benefit your health and quality of life.

Bariatric Surgery Can Save You Money over Time

As you begin to achieve a healthy body weight following bariatric surgery, you will face a much lower risk for a number of obesity-related conditions, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Depression

Treatment for these varied conditions can involve huge medical bills. Therefore, investing in bariatric surgery can result in significant savings over time. More importantly, studies show that weight loss surgery can extend your life. 

Financing Your Procedure with Citerra Finance

Our loan approval process is easy and streamlined. You will fill out an online application, often following your doctor’s referral. We will review your credit, income, and cosigner’s credit, if applicable. Loan approval typically comes through in 10 to 45 minutes. Then, after the bank approves your loan, we will send money directly to your bariatric surgeon. Your medical bill will be paid in full, and you will make regular payments directly to the bank. When you finance through Citerra, you can receive a low-interest loan that will not place a major burden on you or your family.

Like many patients, you may be interested in bariatric treatment outside the country, particularly in Tijuana. In Mexico, there are a number of highly skilled surgeons who charge much less than domestic doctors. At Citerra Finance, we can help you place medical tourism within your budget. Along with the cost of your surgery itself, our loans can cover airfare, hotel bills, and other related expenses.

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Body Contouring after Weight Loss

Many patients find that after losing weight as a result of bariatric surgery, they wish to undergo body contouring to complement their achievement. If you find that after experiencing massive weight loss, you desire a tummy tuck or other procedure, we can work with you to finance these cosmetic surgery treatments.

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