Plastic Surgery Financing Places Your Goals within Reach

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly with advances in medical technology that make results better than ever before. Doctors can provide subtle, natural-looking outcomes to enhance both your appearance and your self-esteem. However, because most plastic surgery is considered elective, it is not usually covered by insurance. Fortunately, Citerra Finance provides plastic surgery financing to help you budget for your cosmetic goals. We offer low-interest loans, and the loan approval process is fast and simple. We know that the decision to undergo plastic surgery can be a major step. Therefore, we will work with discretion and sensitivity throughout the entire loan approval process.

Plastic Surgery and Its Benefits

At Citerra Finance, we can help you pay for a wide range of cosmetic procedures. Among many others, these plastic surgery treatments can include:

We offer low-interest loans that make it affordable to achieve the enhancements you desire.

Each of these procedures can improve your appearance and dramatically boost your self-esteem. Your treatment can even influence your social and professional life. With your enhanced look, you may feel more confident going into new situations and taking on more visible roles at work.

How Does Plastic Surgery Financing Work?

Typically, we work directly with doctors who are enrolled in our program. However, we can also work with other physicians if you are interested in a specific practitioner.

The approval process is simple:

loan application
loan approval
loan repayment

In some cases, you may want to undergo plastic surgery outside the country. Medical tourism can save you money, since overseas surgeons often charge less than American surgeons. We offer financing to help you cover the cost of airfare, hotel rooms, and related expenses.

Why Choose Citerra for Your Medical Financing?

The benefits of working with Citerra include:

  • Efficiency: Our loan approval process is very quick. During business hours, your approval will typically come in within 10 to 45 minutes.
  • Affordable: We offer low-interest loans that make it affordable to achieve the enhancements you desire.
  • Easy approval: We believe everyone should be able to afford outstanding medical care. Even if you do not have good credit, we will consider other factors, such as your income or income ratio. You can also bring in a cosigner for your loan.
  • Customer service: Our compassion and empathy truly sets us apart from other financing companies. We will patiently and thoroughly answer your questions and provide reassurance about your upcoming care.

Thanks to our personal touch and affordable financing, many patients have returned to us for help with additional medical loans. For example, if you undergo bariatric surgery, you may wish undergo body contouring after you achieve weight loss.

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If you are considering plastic surgery, we can help you start this new chapter of confidence and satisfaction in your life. Contact Citerra Finance or fill out our online application to start the loan approval process.

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